Bowen Therapy, Reiki, Kinesiology & Massage

Kylie offers Reiki, Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage to help recharge and reset the body. She has had her Diploma in Bowen Therapy for ten years and has studied various other modalities such as Kinesiology and workshops with Medical Practitioners.

She has been attracted to spiritual work for 20 years and originally started studying Bowen to help family and friends. As her passion developed for helping others wellbeing in both physical and mental health, she continued working as a practitioner.

Her experience has been working for McCracken Spa, in the clinic of a local physiotherapist and in her own Massage and Bowen Clinic.

Massage Treatments help body balance, general mobility, muscle tension, stress, anxiety, injury and pain relief.  The increase in stimulation helps blood supply allowing toxins to be removed.

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