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  • Wednesday 1pm Ros Boundy $20 Concession $15
  • Thursday 7pm Ros Boundy $20 Concession $15

(enter through rear door)

  • Sunday 11am Lynne-Marie Whitty $15 Concession $10

Bookings Essential 0423 402 753

Cedric Vercoe - Basket Weaving

Wednesday 4th of May or Saturday 7th of May

10.30 am – 3.30 pm

All materials supplied $80

A wonderful opportunity to learn traditional basket weaving and stories…

Bookings essential – 0423 402 753

Sacred Geometry The Basics

Ever wondered what Sacred Geometry is and where to begin to learn this fascinating and life-changing subject?

Meg has been interested in the subject for over 20 years and would love to share the knowledge she has gained over the years. Meg will be discussing the basics of the geometry of nature, shapes, fractals, seed/flower/fruit/ tree of life, the Golden Mean Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence.

Meg Huppatz

May 4th or May 11th

10 am – 1 pm $40, Concession $30 – cash preferred

Sacred Geometry & Sound Healing
Rob Dibble

“The Universe may be a Mystery, but it is no Secret.”

In these workshops with Rob Dibble we will discover the connection between Sound and Light and how all things interrelate in this electromagnetic universe. Each of us are capable of comprehending much more than we realise. In the Ancient world we were taught the connection between numbers, geometry, music, and cosmology, which formed the basis of what is called the Quadrivium. These are the essential elements which help to unlock our full potential and to realise we are all aspects of the natural world. Nature is a series of codes which are revealed through mathematical law and govern every system of growth and motion in the universe. These hidden forces are contained in our bodies and the more we are able to comprehend this, the more we become who we truly are.

Included in the workshop will be a Sound Healing session with Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramids and Bowls that offer healing frequencies that enable the mind and body to reach deeper states of relaxation and awareness that assist the healing process.

Saturday Register interest and we will let you know when the next workshop is.

Sunday TBA 11am – 3.30pm

Cost $100 per person. Deposit of $50 to secure a place.

Bring a blanket, all other materials supplied.


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