Experiencing health challenges? Not feeling as well as you could be? Want to be healthier but need guidance?

Naturopathic and Ortho-Bionomy Services

Emma Bridges has been practising Naturopathy and Ortho-Bionomy since 2016 and specialises in preventative support throughout the life stages. Emma recognises the crucial ages where the body may need more support in areas such as hormones, immune health, skin health, mental cognition and musculoskeletal health. With a Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences (Naturopathy) and continuing development in Ortho-Bionomy she combines traditional understandings of healing with evidence-based medicine. Emma aims to use the knowledge she has built in lifestyle, diet, nutritional and herbal remedies, in combination with the gentle hands on skills of Ortho-Bionomy to bring the body back into balance. With each consult Emma will guide you to understand your wholistic health so that you feel more confident with knowing which steps to take on your ‘Bridges to Wellbeing’.

What is Naturopathy?

With a natural healing approach, Naturopathy uses herbs, nutrition, essences, diet and lifestyle to compliment the body’s own innate healing response. Emma supports the client with their health and wellbeing goals by bringing a balance between the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual essences.

This service offers insights into clinical pathology, client history, body system balance, iridology, nutrigenomic testing, functional pathology testing and vega machine testing.

What is Ortho-Bionomy?

With a gentle approach, Ortho-Bionomy aims to encourage the natural comfort in order to encourage the corrective healing reflex. Emma supports the client by engaging with the nervous system within the client range of motion and confidence, enabling the body to explore its fullest potential.

This service offers the opportunity to re-connect with their bodies healing capabilities and learn more about the philosophy of Ortho-Bionomy.


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