Tarot & Wheel of Segais Readings

Janine has had many years experience with Tarot and as a Druid of 25 years works with The Wheel of Segais which aligns very well with her personal practices. She has trained in both modalities with many wisdom teachers. Using the DruidCraft Tarot and The Wheel of Segais can support decision making processes and provide guidance from the Salmon of Wisdom. Janine came to the Wheel of Segais through a dream which told her to bring the salmon of wisdom alive and was handed a beautiful wand of Oak.  


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Amreeta Stara is renowned internationally for her healing gifts and guidance that have helped many have powerful breakthroughs, healing, awakening and transformations. She works with higher dimensional energy and is a clear channel to bring in light transmissions and guidance that can create immediate shifts. She works with clients who have tried every other way and are now ready to truly work with Higher Energy for breakthroughs, clarity, liberation & amplified manifestations. To help you heal and release negative energy, imprints, limited beliefs, and shadows that are holding you back and causing you to repeat unwanted patterns and cycles that are no longer necessary. Amreeta works as a conduit to channel in higher light, energy templates, codes and guidance to bring you immediate shifts and breakthroughs from stubborn patterns and lower energies. As we heal our past and receive more light and activate our higher conscious states, our innate gifts, power to manifest and heal ourselves are enhanced.