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At ‘The Elliot Oak’ we aim to provide an experience, not just a retail service.

While visiting you can browse many beautiful crystals, gifts, books, candles, essential oils, jewellery and a huge range of incense. Workshops are held regularly to teach Reiki 1 through to Masters level, Crystal Workshops, Drumming, School Holiday Program, and much more. 

We offer Tarot and Psychic readings and it pays to book for these.

Many practitioners, local and from Adelaide, offer their services. Chi-Ball, Bowen Therapy, Massage, Counselling, Meditation (Beginners through to Advanced), ‘Love Circling Treatment’ Shamanic Healing and Retreats.

Janine has spent most of her life experiencing and studying spirituality. As a major part of her Bachelor studies she undertook many subjects in religion and theology and ensured the learning was not only head knowledge but immersed herself in the many traditions she studied. Janine has been a Druid for over 20 years where she found her love of herbs and nature, cycles of the year and the human experience all came together. Her journey has been rich and diverse and for many years she taught Community Services, Pastoral Care and Counselling at TafeSA making spirituality an important component of the courses she developed and taught. You may know her from her café at Meadows ‘Natural Living Café’ where many workshops were held including herbalism, drumming, Australian Native Foods, Fermentation and Storytelling.  

Children and adults can have photo’s taken with a unicorn and angel wings! Soon the Labyrinth will open!


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